15 Years In-house Payment Plan

3,510,251 درهم

تاريخ النشر: تموز يوليو 18, 2019

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تاريخ النشر

تموز يوليو 18, 2019

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Rent-to-Own Ready 3&4 B/R Freehold Townhouses at Casa Flores Motor City,

Payment Plans:

  • 20 Years Payment Plan, 10% Down-payment, AED 15,643 Monthly Payment Only, Total Price AED 4,171,536
    15 Years Payment Plan, 7% Down-payment, AED 18,136 Monthly Payment Only, Total Price AED 3,510,251
    10 Years Payment Plan, 5% Down-payment, AED 24,878 Monthly Payment Only, Total Price AED 3,142,553

Spacious Built-Up Areas From 2,712 - 3,080 Sq.Ft, 4% DLD Fee, No Banks, No Hidden Charges, No Processing Fees & No Rate Fluctuations

*The Prices of the Townhouses might vary based on the view, size and type.

Don't miss out this limited-time opportunity to own one of the 130 Casa Flores Townhouses! call Harbor Real Estate (the Exclusive Property Management Consultant) on: or

Why Casa Flores?

  • Expertly designed and perfectly finished with discerning owners in mind
  • Ample parking spaces for all owners and visitors
  • Annual capital appreciation which would be swift and guaranteed in the years leading up to Expo 2020


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رقم تصريح مؤسسة التنظيم العقاري: 0808115590
رقم ترخيص المكتب من "ريرا": 2004
رقم ترخيص دائرة التنمية: 618031