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التفاصيل: نُشِر بتاريخ: 19 مايو 2019

  • المستوى التعليمي: بكالوريوس
  • خبرة العمل: 5 - 10 سنوات
  • الدوام: عــقــد


I. SST Transportation – Follow up Clerk – June 2007 – September 2008
• Reception, registration, distribution and storage of cash and securities
• Paperwork
• Maintaining a cash book based on expenditure and receipt of documents
• Preparing verbal cash reports

II. Translation (English-Russian/Russian-English) - – February 2009 – March 2009
• Translation of documents from English to Russian and Russian to English
• Provisioning exact match translations lexical, stylistic and semantic content of the original
• Performing interpretation and translation in due time with the head of transfer rules
• Participation in business negotiations, meetings, and other meetings with partners (clients)

III. Temir Auto - Manager – May 2011 - September 2013
• Receive Auto tyres from the warehouse to the shop, order new tyres from the warehouse upon request of the customers.
• Consulting customers about tyres (brands, protectors, etc.)
• Help the customers find the suitable tyres for them
• Searching for new wholesale customers in Almaty and other regions of Kazakhstan (Auto Showrooms, Taxi cab companies, Service centers)
• Offer potential customers (wholesale) to work with Temir Auto
• Sending commercial proposals and price lists to new wholesale customers
• Translation (English-Russian, Russian-English) of e-mails with foreign partners (factories and their representatives abroad)
• Simultaneous interpretation (translation) during meetings and negotiations with foreign partners

IV. National Bank of Kazakhstan - Acting Main analytics specialist September 2013- March 2014
• Carry out state purchases
• Answering letters from the expert commission
• Answering letters from other departments
• Monthly report on work done
• Studying regulatory legal acts
• Translation (English-Russian, Russian-English) of letters from international organizations)

V. Viva Bicycle Kazakhstan – - Wholesale Sales Manager July 2014 – November 2014
• Finding wholesale customers
• Conducting negotiations with wholesale customers
• Telephone consultations for clients
• Work with price-lists
• Work with the online store
• Store bookkeeping
• Filling up the online store
• Document management
• Working with business partners
VI. Pravo Legal Consultancy LLC - administrative supervisor, December 2014 – February 2015
• Recruitment and staff relations
• Translation (English-Russian, Russian-English) of e-mails
• Document management
• Facilities management (procurement of supplies)
• Ensuring the availability and integrity of inventory
• Work with banks (accounts)
VII. Skyexpo Hotel (in Novosibirsk – Russia) Receptionist, March 2015 – January 2016
• Accommodating guests
• Schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments
• Answer telephone calls and transfer calls to the appropriate person
• Provide information to callers over the telephone
• Respond to emails and office correspondence
• Update employee attendance and visitors’ records
• Perform basic bookkeeping and record keeping duties
• Report and manage any office maintenance issues
• Work with maintenance staff

VIII. Euroset Retail LLC - Sales Clerk June 2016 — October 2016 (in Novosibirsk – Russia)
• Customer service
• Selling smartphones and other electronics
• Help clients choose bundled services (mobile operators) configuration of mobile devices (installing applications, changing settings, etc.)
• To provide our clients with modern financial services of the Company.
• Work with the cash register and document circulation.

IX. Euroset Retail LLC – Store Manager October 2016 — March 2017
• Customer service
• Selling smartphones and other electronics
• Help clients choose bundled services (mobile operators) configuration of mobile devices (installing applications, changing settings, etc.)
• Work with the cash register and document circulation.
• Provide clients with financial services
• Document management
• Assigning tasks to the employees of the store (as per the plans provided by the branch manager)
• maintenance of order (well-orderedness, tidiness)
• Daily reports 3 times a day (as per the provided plans)
• Merchandising
• Informing customers about ongoing promotions
X. GST Aero Tourism LLC - Administrative manager September 2017 – March 2018
• Interaction with company management
• Preparation of financial reports on expenses
• Paperwork for Visas
• Interaction with government agencies (Immigration, RTA, TASHEEL)
• Interaction with the repair team in the office undergoing renovation
• Preparation of documents for the yacht registration (for company management)
• Preparing the yacht for inspection
• Picking up packages at the delivery office
• Work of the system administrator (installation of OS, office and other programs, network setup)
• Purchase of office supplies
• Work with banks (checks)
• Payment of fuel cards "ENOC VIP”, Payment system "Salik"

XI. Allmax LLC - Sales Manager – June 2018 – August 2018
• Negotiation (correspondence and voice / video calls) and contract execution with customers from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries
• Finding new clients via Upwork.com platform (preparation of commercial proposals, the primary analysis of the requirements and goals of the customer)
• Organizing cooperation procedures between departments of development, analysis and project management at the stage of discussion / evaluation of potential orders.

XII. Individual entrepreneur – August 2018 – April 2019
• Preparation of paperwork of transferring the premises from residential property to commercial property
• Interaction with the website designer
• Preparation of paperwork for the Tax Authority
• Price and conditions negotiation with the authorized wholesale dealer in the region
• Purchase of goods
• Sale and delivery of goods to the consumers
• Website management
• Monitoring of market prices and adjusting the prices for goods (on the website)

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